1: We have two cask sizes. 30 liter (full ownership) and 50 liter (1/8 ownership).

2: Content: We will fill the cask with New Spirit from Sall Whisky Distillery, made from our own malted organic barley. The New Spirit will be between 61 and 65% ABV.

3: Ownership: The cask is under Sall Whisky Distillery’s possession after bottling.

4: Sall Whisky Distillery will carefully select the oak casks, which have been previously filled with organic bourbon.

5: The price you pay includes the New Spirit, storage of the cask and insurance for three years, bottling and labeling with personal label.

6: If you would like us to store the the cask for longer, this is possible at a rate of 1000 Danish Kroner (DKK) per year.

7: As the alcohol evaporates during maturation there will be a loss of spirit between 1% – 5% of the full volume per year (also called Angel’s Share).

8: We will arrange an annual day for our cask owners, to which you will be invited. Other visits must be planned with Sall Whisky Distillery 3 weeks in advance.

9: Every year we will send you a small sample of the unmatured spirit. Sampling will not be allowed before the whisky has matured for three years.

10: When you purchase you will also get a certificate, your name stenciled on the cask and your name on the founders plaque in our distillery.

11: Payment for bottling, cask insurance, bottle labeling with personal sticker and Danish taxes is included in the price.

12: Taxes are always paid by distilleries when alcohol leaves the distillery. This is included in the price. Any additional tax and export costs will be held by the customer. For more information please get in touch here

13: We can bottle the whisky at cask strength or 40% ABV minimum. Color is never added in whisky from Sall Whisky Distillery. Bottling will not be allowed before we have released our first batch of 3 year old Single Malt Whisky.

14: Collection of bottles will be arranged by the owner. Postage is not included in the price.

15: It is very important that you inform us of any changes in your contact information (address, e-mail, phone number).

16: Individuals and groups are able to purchase as well as companies. If you are a group only one (1) person can be juridically registered as formal cask owner.

17: Companies are welcome to invest in a cask. It is possible to label the whisky after bottling with the company logo, and the whisky is suitable as gifts for employees.